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What to do

Access tens of thousands of documents across different document sets using a single simple url.

The API supports GET and POST commands. After creating an account, click or copy-paste this URL into your browser:

You can also search the News collection by changing the document set code from CORP to NEWS,

How to do it

Perform searches with GET or POST requests. The general pattern for document set endpoints is[QUERY_STRING]

Make sure to include your token in the "Authorization" HTTP header:

Authorization: Token YOUR_API_KEY

After you perform a search, store the search key that was returned and access any page using[SEARCH_KEY]&page=[NUMBER]

Alternatively, you can follow the next_page or prev_page links returned with each result.

If you perform a new search your pages will be overwritten (i.e. you can only ever have one search stored in cache).

How to pay

You don't have to worry about that. It's free.

Rate limits

You're limited to 50 requests per minute and 250 requests per ten minutes. If you exceed these rate limits you'll get back an HTTP 429 response (Too Many Requests).