What is Iris?

Iris is a free service used by developers and users to search and access curated document collections. We are developers who use these documents for our own products and services and are making them freely available. The API endpoint for developers is a single endpoint with different document collection codes, making it easy to search across different collections.

I'm working on ABC and would love to see XYZ documents, can you add them?

Great! The more details you can give us about the size of the document collection, how to get it etc. the easier it'll be for us to onboard it. Just email us at iris@lore.ai.

I have a bunch of documents I'd like to add here, can you add them?

Yes, we most likely can but we do curate the selection so email us at iris@lore.ai and we can talk about it.

Where does the data come from?

We've collected and curated document collections onto this platform ourselves and each document collection lists its own source. We index the documents, provide original links where possible, and make absolutely no claim to ownership of the data. If you believe that we have indexed copyrighted material please email us at iris@lore.ai. We will continue to on board new document collections over time. Stay tuned.

What are the rate limits?

Check out the API documentation for details.

Why is it free?

That's a good question. We expect to offer a premium version of the service soon. We're already using these collections in our products and services and felt that the public document collections should be public anyway and there was no reason to charge for being able to search them. We're also life long open source advocates and rely so much on open source software we thought this might be a nice way to give back. We also plan on publishing curated collections soon. If you have a need for a specific collection or are interested in a type of collection just email us at iris@lore.ai. Sign up to receive updates as we add new document collections.

Who are we?

We're a bunch of engineers who really enjoy working with the latest NLP and big data technologies. Sign up to stay updated and get in touch for more info!

I need some help!

No problem, just send an email to iris@lore.ai and we'll try to help.