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Search Terms

You can search for multiple terms by entering them in the search-bar.

  • A term is added when you hit enter or select it in the dropdown menu.
  • Each term will be converted to a "pill" which you can remove by clicking on the "x".
  • Entering in multi-word terms will result in "phrase searches"
For instance:
  • Typing "car" and then "truck" will return documents with either term.
  • Adding a term "new york" will only select documents with this complete phrase.

Note that searches automatically include variations on the word so searching on "analyzing" will include results with the term "analze". Searches are not case-sensitive.

Only the top 100 search results are returned.


You can filter documents by their "metadata" (properties) by including a search term of the form ":field-name:field-value" to limit your search to matching documents.

Autocompletion will help you select metadata field name and values. As you start typing a field name you will receive more suggestions until the name is uniquely specified and then you will receive suggestions for possible values.

For instance:

  • Adding ":lang: en" to your search will search only English documents.
  • Adding ":category: Finance" to your News search will search only through Financial news feeds.


If you select "Sort by date" (to the right of the search bar) your results will be sorted by date.

Autocomplete (only if logged in)

As you type in the searchbar you will get suggestions to autocomplete your filter (search term autocompletion coming soon!). To accept a suggestion scroll down to it with the arrows or mouse and click it or hit enter.

Autocompletion only works for logged in users. Register for free to get access to metadata autocomplete.


The top 100 results are returned and shown in two panes:
  • In the left Results Pane you will see a list of documents along with their creation date, page number and some other info
  • You can download the document by clicking on the Download link under the document in the Results Pane.
  • Summary information about all the results are shown in several visualizations in the Summary Tab on the right. These visualizations provide a useful breakdown of the search results.
  • If you click on a document in the Result Pane, its details (search hits, tags & and the document itself) will be loaded in the Document Tab.
  • Clicking on a paragraph in the Hits pane in the Document Tab will jump the document to the location of that paragraph.
  • In the Tags tab under the Document Tab you can access the document metadata like FILING-TYPE, category, etc..

Interactive Charts

The charts in the Summary Tab are interactive: clicking on a label will add a filter for it and update the search (except for the time-series chart; this is coming soon!).

Semantic Fulltext Search APIs

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